Gossberg Chef Knife

I was able to review this Gossberg chef’s knife and wasn’t sure what to expect. I was first pleasantly surprised by packaging. It came it in its own carrying case, a wooden gift box, to keep it protected. Once I opened the box, I found a beautifully designed chef’s knife. The handle is made of pakkawood that has a beautiful damascus pattern with a 2.77mm stainless steel japanese 8″ blade that is EXTREMELY sharp! I thought the design on the blade was a nice added touch. It came with a protective piece over the point of the blade and with good reason! My husband used this knife to cut up our slab of ribs into sections and it was like cutting through butter. I struggle to find good knives and I must say this one is really good! It was easy to hold and easy to maneuver. It isn’t too heavy to hold either.  This is definitely my new go-to blade for the kitchen.  It also comes with 100% refund policy guarantee so there really is nothing to loose in order this chef knife and adding a great, quality piece to your cutlery!


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The Complete Convection Oven Cookbook

This is a great cookbook for those who are unfamiliar with convection cooking. The cookbook starts with explaining what convection cooking is and what type of convection ovens there are. Convection is the circulation of heat, used by a fan, in convection ovens. A conventional oven will leave more hot/cold spots than a convection oven due to the fan circulating the heat in the convection oven, cooking your food more evenly. Top 10 reason to love a convection oven are: preheat faster, foods cook faster, foods brown evenly, no need to sear the meat, crisp without drying out, retains more natural juices, flakiest pastries, higher rise on baked goods, crisp oven-fried food and eliminates the need to rotate the pan! Any type of ovenproof cookware can be used in a convection oven and the author even lays out their top kitchen tools as baking/pizza stone, broiler pan, roasting rack, wire cooling racks, baking/roasting pans, silicon oven mitts/potholders, oven liners and silicone baking mats. There is a list for cleaning and caring for convection oven as it IS different than a conventional oven. In chapter 2, you will find that you can cook ALMOST anything in your convection oven with the handy cooking chart on pages 16-19, which lays out cooking temperatures and times for everything from meat to vegetables to baked goods! The recipes are broken down into 8 different categories: breakfast/brunch, appetizers/snacks, vegetables, fish/seafood, poultry, beef/lamb/pork, breads and cakes/cookies/desserts, with each section having at least 8 recipes, most sections having more than that. My favorite recipes so far are the chocolate and peanut butter granola bars (appetizers & snacks), whole roasted cauliflower with parmesan and garlic (vegetables) and the oven-roasted steak with peppercorn sauce (beef, lamb & pork) but definitely can’t wait to try more! Something I was unaware of and one of my favorite parts of cookbook is the last page containing the “Dirty Dozen” & “Clean Fifteen”. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) and (FDA) Food & Drug Administration compiled a list of those foods with the worst/best pesticide loads and the “Dirty Dozen”, containing high pesticide loads are apples, celery, cherries, grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, potatoes, spinach, strawberries, sweet bell peppers, tomatoes with hot peppers being contaminated with highly toxic organophosphate insecticides. The “Clean Fifteen”, containing low loads of pesticides are asparagus, avocados, cabbage, cantaloupes (domestic), cauliflower, eggplants, grapefruits, honeydews, kiwis, mangoes, onions, papayas, pineapples, sweet corn, sweet peas (frozen). This is not only a good cookbook with great recipes, but if very informational on convection cooking!  Below are pics of an entire meal, from the side dish to the main dish to dessert!  The combinations are endless with this cookbook.



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Soccer Skills: Improve Your Team’s Possession and Passing Skills through Top Class Drills

My son plays soccer and has since he was about 5, now 13 going on 14 and I am always looking ways, as is he, to improve his game and some drills/exercises to work on plays and foot work! This soccer skills book by Chest Dugger, who also is a fan of soccer, played professionally himself and also coached, offers a variety of game situations and plays and lays them out how to practice and execute them. He talks about the importance of teamwork in possessing and passing the ball. There are also sections for individual and team passing drills. Each section and drill is provided with illustrations and directions on how to successfully complete the drills/exercises. My son benefited the most from the team passing drills as he is currently playing travel soccer and as a keeper, needs extra drills to work on foot work and being part of plays as a keeper. Most of the drills call for 4 players/persons to complete the drill, but just improvise and make it work, as we did only being 3 in the family. We were able to ask his friend to come down and help us out with those that we couldn’t improvise on and needed that 4th body! This book is definitely recommended for anyone looking to improve their team or individual skills. This would be a really good coaching book as well for a coach who has a team!  Below are some screenshots I took of some of the drills that I thought were great and would be beneficial to any soccer player.  #soccer



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Portable Car Vacuum


Everything came packaged neatly and snuggly in the box.  My favorite parts of this portable, handheld car vacuum is the carrying bag for it and the mini dust pan and broom!  It can also be used inside the house with an AC to DC adapter.  It has a 14.7 foot long 4.5M cord for plugging into the cigarette lighter for use all over the vehicle.  It came with an instruction book and 3 attachments.  One attachment is a soft, flexible round hose for extra length or cleaning delicate materials.  Another attachment is a hard, slanted hose used to clean the trunk or under the seat of the car or those hard to reach, small places.  The last one is a brush type attachment used to clean up hair, which was perfect for our dog riding in the car.  The suction on this vacuum is 12-volt, 80W and can be used wet or dry!  I found it easy to clean the carpets in my car.  This vacuum is backed by a 1.5 year warranty, 6 months longer than the normal 1 year warranty.  I recommend this portable car vacuum to anyone who has children or pets!

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Fixin’ to Eat: Southern Cooking for the Southern at Heart Cookbook

I was able to print off a PDF copy of this Fixin’ to Eat southern cook book.  The first thing I noticed was the illustrations were great.  There are many different recipes in this book.  It goes through all the possibilities of the day…breakfast, starters, main dishes, side dishes, desserts and then even has (2) libation lessons:  beer and spirits.  Each recipes provides you with prep time, cook time, total time and how many each recipes yields.  There is a list of ingredients for each recipes, which don’t seem too long and seem like everyday kitchen/pantry items.  There are also step-by-step, foolproof instructions on how to complete the recipes.  At the end of the cookbook is a recipe index for quick finding on that one or two or three recipes that happen to be you favorite from this book!


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Multi-circle Crystal Paved Pedant Fashion Necklace

This is a really beautiful fashion necklace and decided to try it!  When I first opened the package, I really liked the black velvet bag that it came in.  I thought it was a little heavy at first.  The twist chain measures in at about 17″ fastened together with about 20 extra loops as extenders to give a total of about 20″ fastened.  There are a total of 3 rings, on the pendant, starting with solid silver (nickel-free alloy) and alternating to diamond-like crystal rings.  They start out small and get larger with each ring.  Each ring is attached separately so they will swing loosely.  The pendant itself feels a little heavy but the necklace holds it perfectly and the length of it weighs it all out.  I was showing my husband and he commented on how long it was so he pulled the pendant higher, where a normal necklace would sit, and it just didn’t look right because the pendant is so large.  It is definitely meant to wear long and looks better that way!  The only down fall to this necklace, and yes I understand it is fashion jewelry, is that the pendant came scratched up, as you can see in the pics.  This is a great necklace for someone looking an elegant accessory to their outfit and I definitely recommend it.
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Blason Louis-Fine French Wine To Your Front Door – $4.99 for your 1st box!!

I ordered a sample tasting box.  When they arrived, I was very impressed with packaging.  The two glass flacons were secured and wrapped properly to prevent breakage.  I also noticed that they had not leaked.  I received two 3.5 oz single-serve glass flacons containing a Platinum 2011 Chauteauneuf-Du-Pape and 2012 Cote Rotie burgundy wine.  Each sample was enough for one glass of each wine.  When opening the flacons, the smell hit you right away.  My husband and I tasted both wines and thought they were good.  We sealed them up and put them back in the refrigerator and found that they DON’T leak after opening.  This is great for when ordering by the bottle and not completing they bottle and being able to refrigerate after opening and not having to worry about spillage.  They would pair greatly with some pasta or be great at a cocktail party.  If you are a wine drinker, check them out.
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Heart Pendant Necklace

This necklace caught my eye right away when I saw it!  It is a fashion piece of jewelry, but still beautiful.  I ordered the purple pendant and though it looks blue in the pictures, in person, it is purple.  The other colors to choose from are pink, blue, red, black and white (diamond-like).  At initial glance, the necklace itself appeared to be pretty short, compared to the pendant and I was wrong when I put it on.  I thought it sat pretty nicely on my neck.  The necklace has a little twist to it.  The colored pendant sits off centered, to the left, of heart shaped pending it’s attached to.  The heart shaped pendant has diamond-like stones around the top part of each side of the heart.  The pendant itself measures in at about 2cm, from left of purple stone to the right of the heart pendant.  The necklace measured in at about 8 inches.

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Killer Pursuit: An Allison McNeill Thriller Campaign

This was my first read by Jeff Gunhus and I must say, BRAVO!! I have to be hooked on a book within the first chapter or two or I am not interested in finishing it. Killer Pursuit had me hooked from the get go. The cover itself was intriguing enough for me to want to read and see what it was about. I am just realizing this is the second book and will definitely have to get my hands on the first and the rest of this series. This book is a thriller of serial killers and an FBI Agent, Allison McNeil. I will not go too much into the book, to not spoil it, but this FBI agent character is amazing! Allison is on the hunt for a video that the killer may also be looking for and she must find it first. There are turns and twists, but the story never died or had my interest lost. This book is highly recommended and I can’t wait to read the rest of them. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

This Is Us: Music from the Series

I have never really payed attention to the songs played on a series, but this Music from the Series set really grabbed my attention.  The songs are placed very well during the shows to highlight those certain moods in a set.  When it is sentimental or when the suspense is building, the song choice is appropriate for the timing.  These songs play an important part of the series.



This Is Us (Music from the Series)  

  1.  Death With Dignity – Sufjan Stevens
  2.  You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon
  3.  Willin’ – Mandy Moore – Listen on YouTube here
  4.  Can’t Find My Way Home – Blind Faith
  5.  Uptight (Everything’s Alright) – Stevie Wonder
  6.  The Calvary Cross – Richard Thompson & Linda Thompson
  7.  Watch Me – Labi Siffre
  8.  The Wind – Cat Stevens
  9.  Come Talk To Me – Goldspot
  10. Blues Run The Game – Jackson C. Frank
  11. If Only – Maria Taylor (featuring Conor Oberst)
  12. Northern Sky – Nick Drake
  13. If I Ever Was A Child – Wilco
  14. Because Of You – Gene Clark
  15. Evergreen Cassette (Tape Mix) – Goldspot
  16. Without You – Badfinger
  17. The World’s Smiling Now – Jim James
  18. Photograph – Ringo Starr
  19. We Can Always Come Back To This – Brian Tyree Henry
  20. This Is Us Score Suite – Siddhartha Khosla

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This Is Us Music – Facebook Listening Party on release date Sept. 15 at 10am PT/1pm ET https://www.facebook.com/events/254683568386206/?action_history=null