Raising Boys By Design

Although my son is now in his teen years, I really don’t feel like it is every too late for parenting help/advise in making sure my child has all the tools necessary for life.

This book was written to help any adult, that has an influence on a growing boy, navigate a good way of raising a Christian boy in this day and time, with the back-up of scientific viewpoints.  This is not just a “Christian’s thoughts” book, but factual information as well based on science…the bible meets  This book also talks about how boys are uniquely wired and very obviously different from girls.

The first section of the book is an introduction about joining together to raise strong, loving Christian sons.  This part of the book is about each of the author’s telling their story and how this book came to be.

Part 1 of the book is about the inside story regarding understanding the divine design at work in our boy’s lives.  This part of the book has four chapters.  The first chapter talks about how our boys need a new approach to boyhood and how in the upcoming reading material, there will be ways for our boys to learn to grow and thrive as young Christian men.  This chapter also has a list of statistics (see photo below paragraph) that I didn’t even realize the difference between boys and girls.  The listed statistics, which the books says is just the tip of the iceberg, where rather disturbing.  Chapter 2 goes more into detail about how boys really are different from girls, other than the obvious physical characteristics that we can see, and how they also develop differently.  Chapter 3 and 4 are about what a boy learns from his mom and what he learns from his dad and how those roles are important, both of them!


Part 2 of the book is putting it to work, regarding our son’s journey into manhood.  The first couple of chapters are talking about building a sense of honor in our sons and building character and discipline.  The next chapter talks about how boys and girls process emotions differently, i.e. boys tend to need to express emotions physically more than girls do or boys tend to take longer to attach words to feelings, like “love”.  This part of the books also talks about how that saying “Boys/men hide their feelings and don’t express them” is how boys/men ARE and we need to acknowledge that and not devalue their way of being.  I am also learning that there is no WRONG way to “do” emotions, which is hard for a lot of people to understand.  It talks about and explains (8) different methods of helping our boys process their emotions.  The next chapter talks about developing a healthy sexuality in boys and young men.  This chapter talks about “manhood hunger” and how a boy really needs a male figure in his life because boys sometimes just don’t want to share “guy stuff” with “MOM”.  With that said, this chapter has definitely taught me to NOT take offense for when my teenage son tells me that he just can’t tell me about “guy stuff”, if he does…he may just need a male figure to feel comfortable to express himself and after reading this book,  I am OK with that and you should be too!  Helping our boys through school is another key to successful manhood.  This part of the book ends with the journey of faith and a new vision of Christian manhood.  This chapter talks about how we CAN’T put OUR faith on our boys.  They will have their own trail to follow, as everyone’s relationship with God is different and their own!  We can only lead them in the right direction and have faith and pray!

At the end of each chapter there is a “NEXT STEPS” section (see below from one of the chapters) that is intended to help you identify practical ways to act on what you’ve just learned and taking deliberate steps to help your son thrive and grow right now.


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Seventh Generation Free & Clear Laundry Detergent Pack Samples



I received two, two pack samples of the Seventh Generation free & clear laundry detergent packs.  These packs are made for sensitive skin so your close can be clean and not irritate your skin with all the dyes and additives that are in other laundry detergents.  There are no dyes, optical brighteners or fragrances.  The pods are easy to just toss into the laundry and not having to measure out liquid or powder soap.  One pod can be used per load, but if you have a really large or soiled load, I recommend using two pods.  These pods can be used in hot or cold water, HE or standard washing machines.  I haven’t noticed any irritation on my families skin from using these with two loads down. #freesamples #generationgood @Seventhgen

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipe Samples


I was able to sample these free & clear wipes from Seventh Generation with a couple of sample packs to give to my family & friends.  They are specially designed to care for the most sensitive skin, even babies, and safe for the planet.  They are alcohol, fragrance, dye, paraben & phthalate free and hypoallergenic!  They are pretty thick, strong & soft all at the same time.  The free & clear wipes use 70% less plastic than the original wipes, thanks to the use of plant materials.  @SeventhGen #ad #generationgood

I didn’t find any irritation on my skin in using these on my hands and really like the sample packs because they fit in my purse!


When your teenager becomes the stranger in your house


My son just recently turned 14 and although so far so good, you never know when that flip is going to be switched as a teenager! This book lays everything out there for you and your family to get through these difficult years. The first chapter just touches on teenagers and adolescence all the while telling you you knew it was coming, we have all been there and done that! Over the next chapters, you will learn what your child’s behavior means, when to relax or if it is appropriate to panic, how to help a teenager who has gotten off track back on, to see the difference between a teenager being a “teen” and an emotional/psychological problem that is much deeper.

At the end of each chapter there is a “Bringing It Home” section that allows you to reflect on the chapter with activities and self-evaluation questions to gain better clarity, understanding and direction on where you and your teenager are going over the next couple of years.


I believe everyone says “My kid is not like that”, but the teenage years will hit us like a ton of books! This book has helped me to foresee the future to possibly be able to catch some of the signs/symptoms that something just isn’t right with my teenager and get a jump on it before it gets out of control. Definitely recommended to anyone battling those “teenage years”.


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Healthy-Finds Wellness $10 Gift Cards

Healthy Finds connects you with innovative health brands that are carefully reviewed by their Wellness Team. The gift cards are good at dozens of these cutting edge brands and about 6 others that are not showing below.






*Ask me, on Facebook, how to get a gift card if you don’t already have one**  Just find the post about “Healthy-Finds Wellness $10 Gift Cards”.


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Mini Portable Perfume Travel Atomizer

I have always been looking for a pump spray to travel with for my perfume.  I currently buy roller balls and eventually always have a problem with the cap coming off properly.  This mini portable perfume travel atomizer is just perfect for what I am wanting.  It is a little under 3 1/2″ long and a little over 1/2″ around.  The bottle itself only holds about 5ml of perfume.  I ordered the hot pink one but there are many colors to choose from: pink, black, red, blue, green, purple, silver, gold, hot pink, bright gold, bright silver & bright blue.

To put the perfume in the travel bottle was quit simple, once my husband figured it out for me!  Just remove the cap of your perfume bottle and put the travel bottle on top, where he hole is on the bottom of the bottle, and pump until desired fullness.  It took no time to fill mine up.  I really like the see-thru window so I can see how much is in there and when it needs to be filled again.

I also no longer have to buy an extra bottle or roller ball for my perfume to travel with, I can just now pump it out of my large bottle at home!  I recommend this everyone who travels with perfume or any kind of smell good spray being used.

This product is not made to lay down…it will leak over time if laying down!

**They are $19.99 but if you hurry over now, they are currently on sale for $12.99**

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Mini Portable Perfume Travel Atomizer

Large Round Towel/Tapestry


Nicely sized towel/tapestry piece that is across my 3-seat couch.  As you can see, it covers the entire middle section of my couch and then some.  It is thin and feels like sheet-type material. It measures about 59″.  This could be used as a beach towel to lay on or a tapestry to hang on the wall. Wouldn’t really recommend for a drying towel as it 100% polyester, easy/light to carry but not good at absorbing.  It has fringe all the way around the outside. I thought the design was very cute and fitting for the beach or pool.  There are 5 different designs.  The design I got does have an option to buy a “thick” one and my guess would be that the “thick” one is more towel-like and this one is a more tapestry/sheet-like.  The one I received will work great as a blanket for the beach, picnic, pool, etc.  I would probably hand wash or delicate cycle this because of all the fringe possibly tearing off.  Let air dry, do not put in dryer!  Shouldn’t take too long to dry because of the type of material, especially hanging outside on a nice day.



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High Pulse Agility Cones

With my son playing soccer, having these cones at home was a must!  As a keeper, he didn’t/doesn’t get much time for foot work.  Now he can work on it on his own to progress his skills in soccer for his future!

I received a set of 60 cones, 10 each in 6 different colors: lime green, green, orange, red, yellow & blue.  The cones came on a carrying stand and with a strap to keep them all together for easy transporting and storing.  The cones are bright, lightweight and seem very durable.  They are durable enough to last for many drills and training to come but can withstand being stepped on without breaking.  These would be great for any kind of sport training that runs drills or maybe to lay out a certain play.  Another use for these cones, since there is a large number of them, would be an obstacle course lay out!  They are easy to set up and easy to put away!  It is a great price for the quantity and quality you are getting.

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Foldable Headphones

When I first received these foldable headphones with a mic, by RIWBOX, and picked up the box, I was like these are not going to be good! The box was extremely light (ONLY 0.4 pounds) and I thought to myself, these are not going to be any good, they just don’t have any weight to them. I was COMPLETELY surprised at the product I found inside the box.

Headphones 1

There is a black carrying case with the headphones inside, the USB audio cable and a user manual.

The USB audio cable is a 3.5MM and is compatible with most smartphones and portable music players.  It paired worked perfectly in my Samsung S8+.  I have noticed that my audio cable didn’t come with a telephone button but rather a play/pause/skip/fast forward button.  I decided to try a call anyway and was still able to make a call, carry on a conversation and end the call with the play/pause/skip/fast forward button.  You can press the play/pause button twice to skip to the next song or press it three times to go back to the previous song you were listening to.  There are also volume up and down buttons.


The headphones themselves are a baby blue color with gray ear piece cushions.  They are also offered in black & gold, white & gold and pink.  They fold up nicely, 90 degrees just above the the ear piece cushions, to fit in the carrying case, that is small enough to fit almost anywhere!  Each ear piece cushion is labeled for correct wearing.  The ear cushions are comfortable just maybe need to be a bit larger.  They are 20% lighter than most any other set of headphones out there, making them seem very cheap, but that couldn’t be the furthest from the truth!


I like how the ear piece cushions are attached with a small nylon type cord so that there is “wiggle” room and aren’t so stiff on ears or too stiff to the headphone casing itself.


These also have HIFI strong low bass speakers which were really impressive.  I really like the bass I was getting when I turned on a song.  The outside noise cancelling these headphones offer, makes it worth it alone to purchase these!  I couldn’t hear anything other than the music I was jamming to!


Who says you need Bose or Beats to get the best headphones possible???  Save your money and click below to order you a pair of these RIWBOX IN5 headphones.


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Nail Clipper Set

I was really excited to get this nail clipper set by BRITOR because everyone uses nail clippers and let’s be honest, they aren’t exactly the “biggest” thing to find in a purse, well not in mine at least!  Now I can because of the really nice leather case that this set came in.  A nice magnetic snap button for the closure, so as long as you get it close, it will close itself.  This set includes (1) large nail clipper which measures about 3″ x 1/2″ (give or take), (1) small nail clipper which measures about 2″ x less than 1/2″ (give or take) and a nail file which measures about 3 1/2″ x less than 1/2″ (give or take).  The nail clippers are stainless steel and black in color.  The nail file is also stainless steel.  The nail clippers are equipped with an anti-slip lever for safety, as you can see in the picture.  The quality of the nail clippers are really well made.  They are easy and comfortable to hold.  I was able to clip my toe nails with the smaller nail clippers except my big toe because that nail is so thick, I had to use the large ones to finish.  They are sharp and cut great, even though my big toe nail is really thick.  They DID leave a smooth edge that don’t need filing but I need to file for shape!  These would also be great for children’s nails with the smooth finish and easy cutting.  I definitely recommend this set to everyone and this set now stays in my purse!

There are even holes at the end of each nail clipper so if you wanted to, they could be added to a key chain (well maybe not the big one as it has some size to it, for a key chain anyway), as you can see in the picture!

Can’t go wrong with this product as it is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty!

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