Spice Jar Set

This is a great set of 14 spice jars, with airtight lids!  They are of great quality.  They came packaged neatly in a box where each jar had their own section to keep from breaking in transport.  There was a separate bag that had “shaker” caps to snap on and a rubber collapsible funnel for pouring in your spices.


Each French square jar is fitted with a rust-resistant metal lid that screws on pretty tightly.  The “shaker” caps fit perfectly as well and allowed the lid to still screw on.  The “shaker” caps just snap onto the top of the glass jar.  The shaker caps have just the right size holes for even distribution when seasoning.  Each glass jar is approximately 4oz and are about 4 1/8″ x 1 3/4″ in size.  The glass jars are French square, instead of round, to prevent, so they can be stored standing up or laying down.  The collapsible, rubber funnel is the perfect size for these jars and is easy to store.

Also inside the box area already labeled chalkboard spice labels (126 in total, 96 pre-printed with the most common spice names, 18 blank and 6 with numbers).  There are also translucent labels (113 in total, 96 pre-printed to match the chalkboard labels and 17 blank).  The chalkboard labels are meant to be put on the lid as they are round and easy to see.  There is also a blank sheet of chalkboard labels for your own labeling.  The translucent labels are for applying to the glass jars themselves.  There are also some blank translucent labels for your own labeling.

These are going to look great once I get all my spices moved out their store-bought containers.  Now to buy a cute little spice rack for them all to go in!  Don’t get me wrong, they will look just as good just sitting in your cabinet/on your shelf.

The best part is these spice jars are backed by a lifetime warranty!

You can order your set here:   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CGQRGJ1

QUNSE Binoculars

Nice set of binoculars that come in a very nice carrying case, that also included a cleaning cloth, instruction booklet and a strap for carrying around your neck (see below pics).

The instruction booklet tells you, in detail, about the parts of the binoculars, how to use them in (6) easy steps and how to maintain/repair them (see below pic).


The carrying case velcro to keep it closed and I find it rather “sticky”.  I don’t feel like it will just “pop” loose and not stick anymore.


Now on to the actual binoculars….they are spiffy looking, very nice.  They have some weight to them but not enough that they can’t be held.  They have 10×42 high-magnification focus with clear view adjustable lenses.  The lenses come protected with covers, to keep them from getting scratched.  They can be adjusted to fit different sized faces by pulling them either closer together or farther apart.  When looking through the lenses, I was shocked at how clear and crisp the picture I was seeing was.  These can allow you to see up to about 303 feet wide, allowing you to see distant scenery, games, etc.  It is very easy to zoom in and out and find what I am looking for.

These are going to be perfect for sports games and would also be perfect for that bird watcher, hunter, wildlife explorer in your life!


You can order yours here:


Car Safety Hammer

This is definitely something EVERYONE should have in their cars!  I received a double pack, one for my car and one for the husband’s.  They each came in their own carrying case (see pics below) which are capable of being mounted with screws.  They appear to be made out of quality, heavy duty plastic.  They are screwed together well and don’t show any signs of falling apart.  They are a bright orange in color and will be visibly easy to locate when needed.  They are pretty lightweight, a little heavier on the “hammer” end.  They are about 7.5″ x 2.5″ x 1″ in size.



At the top, it looks sort of like a hammer with two metal points on either end, made of carbon steel & ABS (see pics below).  This is used for breaking the glass.  You will want to hit at the edge or corners, weakest points, to get the glass to break easily.  The bottom portion has a small but very sharp steel blade for cutting the seat belt away (see pics below).


I really hope I never have to use this life saving tool but I will definitely have it handy if needed!

You can order yours here:


Pros and Cons of the Smart Meter: Are there Better Alternatives?



If you just recently bought a home and you are reading this, there is something you need to be aware of. Get up from the computer, go outside, and walk around the outer perimeter of your home. You will eventually notice a gray metal box affixed to the side of your home with a clear cylinder in the center. This is called a smart meter.

Smart meters are common attributes on many homes. They’re purpose is to monitor the power usage of each home and business by their respective energy provider.

As to be expected, the mystique surrounding smart meters and their collection of data has a lot of homeowners up in arms. Below is just a few of the grievances that citizens have voiced and the arguments for and against allowing meters to be installed on private properties.


All information on the household’s energy consumption is sent remotely through a microwave signal. This signal broadcasts at a low radio frequency that has limited to no effect on an individual’s health.

The transmissions themselves are made up of low energy photons that, in large numbers, could heat up objects (just like a microwave oven). Experts insist that any complications caused by this radiation would have to be over a long period of time. Nevertheless, those concerned with the rads given off by smart meters have recommended purchasing an RF field detector.


A smart meter features a ticking counter that acts like a speedometer on a car. From these readings, power suppliers are able to gauge the output of electricity they produce to avoid any potential surges or blackouts.

Collection of this data may fly in the face of the 14th Amendment. With programmable devices becoming ingrained in the household, it will make companies easier to monitor your behavior via power usage.

Safety Hazards

Meters are usually installed by a professional technician who follows a Code of Practice. Following this code means reassuring the homeowner that the meter in being installed safely.

As much as we put our faith in professional technicians, we still have to remember they are human and fallible. Former technicians have spoken out about how stressful the job can be. This stress has led to serious errors such as meters being improperly installed. Faulty installation may also be a contributing factor to reports of meters exploding or catching fire.


While some homes have their meters pre-installed, you have the right to refuse a smart meter. Hawaii has just joined a growing list of states with an “opt out” policy. Energy companies will still require some way to monitor your intake for billing purposes, however. Thus some alternatives need to be explored.

Owners of older properties have petitioned to keep their analog electromechanical meters instead of updating them to digital. Others suggest that companies eschew microwave signals in favor of DSL or fiber optic communication lines. Another is to adopt energy broker software so the owner can keep track of their own power.

PetTastic Dog Collar

This is a very cute pet collar made by PetTastic. This is one I chose from a variety of choices, colors and even themes! This one is from the cute love heart design group, deep lilac purple. They are available for boys and girls, all shapes & sizes. My dog is about 65 lbs so I ordered the large collar and it has a neck length of about 18-26″, adjustable, and fit her perfectly!

The material of the collar itself seems really thick and sturdy. It is polyester with neoprene lining. The stitch work seems to be great and like it would hold up, very strong.

As you can see in the pictures, there is a place for your dog’s tags to go (ID ring), separate from where the leash would attach to the collar. It appears/feels to be made out of a very hard/sturdy plastic, where the leash ring is made of metal.

My dog, Princess, didn’t mind the collar being on and it seemed to be comfortable to her. She got excited, was ready to go for a walk and went right over to her leash!

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You can order yours here:


Raising Boys By Design

Although my son is now in his teen years, I really don’t feel like it is every too late for parenting help/advise in making sure my child has all the tools necessary for life.

This book was written to help any adult, that has an influence on a growing boy, navigate a good way of raising a Christian boy in this day and time, with the back-up of scientific viewpoints.  This is not just a “Christian’s thoughts” book, but factual information as well based on science…the bible meets  This book also talks about how boys are uniquely wired and very obviously different from girls.

The first section of the book is an introduction about joining together to raise strong, loving Christian sons.  This part of the book is about each of the author’s telling their story and how this book came to be.

Part 1 of the book is about the inside story regarding understanding the divine design at work in our boy’s lives.  This part of the book has four chapters.  The first chapter talks about how our boys need a new approach to boyhood and how in the upcoming reading material, there will be ways for our boys to learn to grow and thrive as young Christian men.  This chapter also has a list of statistics (see photo below paragraph) that I didn’t even realize the difference between boys and girls.  The listed statistics, which the books says is just the tip of the iceberg, where rather disturbing.  Chapter 2 goes more into detail about how boys really are different from girls, other than the obvious physical characteristics that we can see, and how they also develop differently.  Chapter 3 and 4 are about what a boy learns from his mom and what he learns from his dad and how those roles are important, both of them!


Part 2 of the book is putting it to work, regarding our son’s journey into manhood.  The first couple of chapters are talking about building a sense of honor in our sons and building character and discipline.  The next chapter talks about how boys and girls process emotions differently, i.e. boys tend to need to express emotions physically more than girls do or boys tend to take longer to attach words to feelings, like “love”.  This part of the books also talks about how that saying “Boys/men hide their feelings and don’t express them” is how boys/men ARE and we need to acknowledge that and not devalue their way of being.  I am also learning that there is no WRONG way to “do” emotions, which is hard for a lot of people to understand.  It talks about and explains (8) different methods of helping our boys process their emotions.  The next chapter talks about developing a healthy sexuality in boys and young men.  This chapter talks about “manhood hunger” and how a boy really needs a male figure in his life because boys sometimes just don’t want to share “guy stuff” with “MOM”.  With that said, this chapter has definitely taught me to NOT take offense for when my teenage son tells me that he just can’t tell me about “guy stuff”, if he does…he may just need a male figure to feel comfortable to express himself and after reading this book,  I am OK with that and you should be too!  Helping our boys through school is another key to successful manhood.  This part of the book ends with the journey of faith and a new vision of Christian manhood.  This chapter talks about how we CAN’T put OUR faith on our boys.  They will have their own trail to follow, as everyone’s relationship with God is different and their own!  We can only lead them in the right direction and have faith and pray!

At the end of each chapter there is a “NEXT STEPS” section (see below from one of the chapters) that is intended to help you identify practical ways to act on what you’ve just learned and taking deliberate steps to help your son thrive and grow right now.


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You can order your copy here:







Seventh Generation Free & Clear Laundry Detergent Pack Samples



I received two, two pack samples of the Seventh Generation free & clear laundry detergent packs.  These packs are made for sensitive skin so your close can be clean and not irritate your skin with all the dyes and additives that are in other laundry detergents.  There are no dyes, optical brighteners or fragrances.  The pods are easy to just toss into the laundry and not having to measure out liquid or powder soap.  One pod can be used per load, but if you have a really large or soiled load, I recommend using two pods.  These pods can be used in hot or cold water, HE or standard washing machines.  I haven’t noticed any irritation on my families skin from using these with two loads down. #freesamples #generationgood @Seventhgen