Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Hat

This baseball cap has a really slick design!  I love it!  It seems/feels to be made of great quality.  The stitching is great and seems like it will hold up.  The name stitched on the cap looks great.  It seems to be centered and it is thick stitching so hopefully it will hold up.


Just like any other baseball cap, there are (7) different adjustment snaps.  The variety in adjusting this cap makes it wearable by everybody!


I really like the design and look of this baseball cap so I didn’t want to crease the bill of the cap.  My husband and I both tried it on and it looked fine on both genders.

20180702_201707   20180702_201752

I think this will ultimately end up as my son’s baseball cap but good to know that any of us can wear it.


You can get yours here:

Classic Logo Bone Thugs n Harmony Hat

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