Spice Jar Set

This is a great set of 14 spice jars, with airtight lids!  They are of great quality.  They came packaged neatly in a box where each jar had their own section to keep from breaking in transport.  There was a separate bag that had “shaker” caps to snap on and a rubber collapsible funnel for pouring in your spices.


Each French square jar is fitted with a rust-resistant metal lid that screws on pretty tightly.  The “shaker” caps fit perfectly as well and allowed the lid to still screw on.  The “shaker” caps just snap onto the top of the glass jar.  The shaker caps have just the right size holes for even distribution when seasoning.  Each glass jar is approximately 4oz and are about 4 1/8″ x 1 3/4″ in size.  The glass jars are French square, instead of round, to prevent, so they can be stored standing up or laying down.  The collapsible, rubber funnel is the perfect size for these jars and is easy to store.

Also inside the box area already labeled chalkboard spice labels (126 in total, 96 pre-printed with the most common spice names, 18 blank and 6 with numbers).  There are also translucent labels (113 in total, 96 pre-printed to match the chalkboard labels and 17 blank).  The chalkboard labels are meant to be put on the lid as they are round and easy to see.  There is also a blank sheet of chalkboard labels for your own labeling.  The translucent labels are for applying to the glass jars themselves.  There are also some blank translucent labels for your own labeling.

These are going to look great once I get all my spices moved out their store-bought containers.  Now to buy a cute little spice rack for them all to go in!  Don’t get me wrong, they will look just as good just sitting in your cabinet/on your shelf.

The best part is these spice jars are backed by a lifetime warranty!

You can order your set here:   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CGQRGJ1

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