QUNSE Binoculars

Nice set of binoculars that come in a very nice carrying case, that also included a cleaning cloth, instruction booklet and a strap for carrying around your neck (see below pics).

The instruction booklet tells you, in detail, about the parts of the binoculars, how to use them in (6) easy steps and how to maintain/repair them (see below pic).


The carrying case velcro to keep it closed and I find it rather “sticky”.  I don’t feel like it will just “pop” loose and not stick anymore.


Now on to the actual binoculars….they are spiffy looking, very nice.  They have some weight to them but not enough that they can’t be held.  They have 10×42 high-magnification focus with clear view adjustable lenses.  The lenses come protected with covers, to keep them from getting scratched.  They can be adjusted to fit different sized faces by pulling them either closer together or farther apart.  When looking through the lenses, I was shocked at how clear and crisp the picture I was seeing was.  These can allow you to see up to about 303 feet wide, allowing you to see distant scenery, games, etc.  It is very easy to zoom in and out and find what I am looking for.

These are going to be perfect for sports games and would also be perfect for that bird watcher, hunter, wildlife explorer in your life!


You can order yours here:


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