Car Safety Hammer

This is definitely something EVERYONE should have in their cars!  I received a double pack, one for my car and one for the husband’s.  They each came in their own carrying case (see pics below) which are capable of being mounted with screws.  They appear to be made out of quality, heavy duty plastic.  They are screwed together well and don’t show any signs of falling apart.  They are a bright orange in color and will be visibly easy to locate when needed.  They are pretty lightweight, a little heavier on the “hammer” end.  They are about 7.5″ x 2.5″ x 1″ in size.



At the top, it looks sort of like a hammer with two metal points on either end, made of carbon steel & ABS (see pics below).  This is used for breaking the glass.  You will want to hit at the edge or corners, weakest points, to get the glass to break easily.  The bottom portion has a small but very sharp steel blade for cutting the seat belt away (see pics below).


I really hope I never have to use this life saving tool but I will definitely have it handy if needed!

You can order yours here:

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