When your teenager becomes the stranger in your house


My son just recently turned 14 and although so far so good, you never know when that flip is going to be switched as a teenager! This book lays everything out there for you and your family to get through these difficult years. The first chapter just touches on teenagers and adolescence all the while telling you you knew it was coming, we have all been there and done that! Over the next chapters, you will learn what your child’s behavior means, when to relax or if it is appropriate to panic, how to help a teenager who has gotten off track back on, to see the difference between a teenager being a “teen” and an emotional/psychological problem that is much deeper.

At the end of each chapter there is a “Bringing It Home” section that allows you to reflect on the chapter with activities and self-evaluation questions to gain better clarity, understanding and direction on where you and your teenager are going over the next couple of years.


I believe everyone says “My kid is not like that”, but the teenage years will hit us like a ton of books! This book has helped me to foresee the future to possibly be able to catch some of the signs/symptoms that something just isn’t right with my teenager and get a jump on it before it gets out of control. Definitely recommended to anyone battling those “teenage years”.


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Healthy-Finds Wellness $10 Gift Cards

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Mini Portable Perfume Travel Atomizer

I have always been looking for a pump spray to travel with for my perfume.  I currently buy roller balls and eventually always have a problem with the cap coming off properly.  This mini portable perfume travel atomizer is just perfect for what I am wanting.  It is a little under 3 1/2″ long and a little over 1/2″ around.  The bottle itself only holds about 5ml of perfume.  I ordered the hot pink one but there are many colors to choose from: pink, black, red, blue, green, purple, silver, gold, hot pink, bright gold, bright silver & bright blue.

To put the perfume in the travel bottle was quit simple, once my husband figured it out for me!  Just remove the cap of your perfume bottle and put the travel bottle on top, where he hole is on the bottom of the bottle, and pump until desired fullness.  It took no time to fill mine up.  I really like the see-thru window so I can see how much is in there and when it needs to be filled again.

I also no longer have to buy an extra bottle or roller ball for my perfume to travel with, I can just now pump it out of my large bottle at home!  I recommend this everyone who travels with perfume or any kind of smell good spray being used.

This product is not made to lay down…it will leak over time if laying down!

**They are $19.99 but if you hurry over now, they are currently on sale for $12.99**

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Mini Portable Perfume Travel Atomizer