Large Round Towel/Tapestry


Nicely sized towel/tapestry piece that is across my 3-seat couch.  As you can see, it covers the entire middle section of my couch and then some.  It is thin and feels like sheet-type material. It measures about 59″.  This could be used as a beach towel to lay on or a tapestry to hang on the wall. Wouldn’t really recommend for a drying towel as it 100% polyester, easy/light to carry but not good at absorbing.  It has fringe all the way around the outside. I thought the design was very cute and fitting for the beach or pool.  There are 5 different designs.  The design I got does have an option to buy a “thick” one and my guess would be that the “thick” one is more towel-like and this one is a more tapestry/sheet-like.  The one I received will work great as a blanket for the beach, picnic, pool, etc.  I would probably hand wash or delicate cycle this because of all the fringe possibly tearing off.  Let air dry, do not put in dryer!  Shouldn’t take too long to dry because of the type of material, especially hanging outside on a nice day.



Order yours as the link below:

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