High Pulse Agility Cones

With my son playing soccer, having these cones at home was a must!  As a keeper, he didn’t/doesn’t get much time for foot work.  Now he can work on it on his own to progress his skills in soccer for his future!

I received a set of 60 cones, 10 each in 6 different colors: lime green, green, orange, red, yellow & blue.  The cones came on a carrying stand and with a strap to keep them all together for easy transporting and storing.  The cones are bright, lightweight and seem very durable.  They are durable enough to last for many drills and training to come but can withstand being stepped on without breaking.  These would be great for any kind of sport training that runs drills or maybe to lay out a certain play.  Another use for these cones, since there is a large number of them, would be an obstacle course lay out!  They are easy to set up and easy to put away!  It is a great price for the quantity and quality you are getting.

#highpulse #training #soccerlife

Order your set here:


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