Foldable Headphones

When I first received these foldable headphones with a mic, by RIWBOX, and picked up the box, I was like these are not going to be good! The box was extremely light (ONLY 0.4 pounds) and I thought to myself, these are not going to be any good, they just don’t have any weight to them. I was COMPLETELY surprised at the product I found inside the box.

Headphones 1

There is a black carrying case with the headphones inside, the USB audio cable and a user manual.

The USB audio cable is a 3.5MM and is compatible with most smartphones and portable music players.  It paired worked perfectly in my Samsung S8+.  I have noticed that my audio cable didn’t come with a telephone button but rather a play/pause/skip/fast forward button.  I decided to try a call anyway and was still able to make a call, carry on a conversation and end the call with the play/pause/skip/fast forward button.  You can press the play/pause button twice to skip to the next song or press it three times to go back to the previous song you were listening to.  There are also volume up and down buttons.


The headphones themselves are a baby blue color with gray ear piece cushions.  They are also offered in black & gold, white & gold and pink.  They fold up nicely, 90 degrees just above the the ear piece cushions, to fit in the carrying case, that is small enough to fit almost anywhere!  Each ear piece cushion is labeled for correct wearing.  The ear cushions are comfortable just maybe need to be a bit larger.  They are 20% lighter than most any other set of headphones out there, making them seem very cheap, but that couldn’t be the furthest from the truth!


I like how the ear piece cushions are attached with a small nylon type cord so that there is “wiggle” room and aren’t so stiff on ears or too stiff to the headphone casing itself.


These also have HIFI strong low bass speakers which were really impressive.  I really like the bass I was getting when I turned on a song.  The outside noise cancelling these headphones offer, makes it worth it alone to purchase these!  I couldn’t hear anything other than the music I was jamming to!


Who says you need Bose or Beats to get the best headphones possible???  Save your money and click below to order you a pair of these RIWBOX IN5 headphones.

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