Nail Clipper Set

I was really excited to get this nail clipper set by BRITOR because everyone uses nail clippers and let’s be honest, they aren’t exactly the “biggest” thing to find in a purse, well not in mine at least!  Now I can because of the really nice leather case that this set came in.  A nice magnetic snap button for the closure, so as long as you get it close, it will close itself.  This set includes (1) large nail clipper which measures about 3″ x 1/2″ (give or take), (1) small nail clipper which measures about 2″ x less than 1/2″ (give or take) and a nail file which measures about 3 1/2″ x less than 1/2″ (give or take).  The nail clippers are stainless steel and black in color.  The nail file is also stainless steel.  The nail clippers are equipped with an anti-slip lever for safety, as you can see in the picture.  The quality of the nail clippers are really well made.  They are easy and comfortable to hold.  I was able to clip my toe nails with the smaller nail clippers except my big toe because that nail is so thick, I had to use the large ones to finish.  They are sharp and cut great, even though my big toe nail is really thick.  They DID leave a smooth edge that don’t need filing but I need to file for shape!  These would also be great for children’s nails with the smooth finish and easy cutting.  I definitely recommend this set to everyone and this set now stays in my purse!

There are even holes at the end of each nail clipper so if you wanted to, they could be added to a key chain (well maybe not the big one as it has some size to it, for a key chain anyway), as you can see in the picture!

Can’t go wrong with this product as it is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty!

You can purchase your set here:

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