Soccer Skills: Improve Your Team’s Possession and Passing Skills through Top Class Drills

My son plays soccer and has since he was about 5, now 13 going on 14 and I am always looking ways, as is he, to improve his game and some drills/exercises to work on plays and foot work! This soccer skills book by Chest Dugger, who also is a fan of soccer, played professionally himself and also coached, offers a variety of game situations and plays and lays them out how to practice and execute them. He talks about the importance of teamwork in possessing and passing the ball. There are also sections for individual and team passing drills. Each section and drill is provided with illustrations and directions on how to successfully complete the drills/exercises. My son benefited the most from the team passing drills as he is currently playing travel soccer and as a keeper, needs extra drills to work on foot work and being part of plays as a keeper. Most of the drills call for 4 players/persons to complete the drill, but just improvise and make it work, as we did only being 3 in the family. We were able to ask his friend to come down and help us out with those that we couldn’t improvise on and needed that 4th body! This book is definitely recommended for anyone looking to improve their team or individual skills. This would be a really good coaching book as well for a coach who has a team!  Below are some screenshots I took of some of the drills that I thought were great and would be beneficial to any soccer player.  #soccer



You can order your copy here:


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