Portable Car Vacuum


Everything came packaged neatly and snuggly in the box.  My favorite parts of this portable, handheld car vacuum is the carrying bag for it and the mini dust pan and broom!  It can also be used inside the house with an AC to DC adapter.  It has a 14.7 foot long 4.5M cord for plugging into the cigarette lighter for use all over the vehicle.  It came with an instruction book and 3 attachments.  One attachment is a soft, flexible round hose for extra length or cleaning delicate materials.  Another attachment is a hard, slanted hose used to clean the trunk or under the seat of the car or those hard to reach, small places.  The last one is a brush type attachment used to clean up hair, which was perfect for our dog riding in the car.  The suction on this vacuum is 12-volt, 80W and can be used wet or dry!  I found it easy to clean the carpets in my car.  This vacuum is backed by a 1.5 year warranty, 6 months longer than the normal 1 year warranty.  I recommend this portable car vacuum to anyone who has children or pets!

You can order yours here:


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