Heart Pendant Necklace

This necklace caught my eye right away when I saw it!  It is a fashion piece of jewelry, but still beautiful.  I ordered the purple pendant and though it looks blue in the pictures, in person, it is purple.  The other colors to choose from are pink, blue, red, black and white (diamond-like).  At initial glance, the necklace itself appeared to be pretty short, compared to the pendant and I was wrong when I put it on.  I thought it sat pretty nicely on my neck.  The necklace has a little twist to it.  The colored pendant sits off centered, to the left, of heart shaped pending it’s attached to.  The heart shaped pendant has diamond-like stones around the top part of each side of the heart.  The pendant itself measures in at about 2cm, from left of purple stone to the right of the heart pendant.  The necklace measured in at about 8 inches.

You can order yours from the link below:

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