Dishwasher Packs



I like these packs as you can just pick one up and throw it into the dishwasher and it is done.  No pulling out a bottle and pouring liquid in.  These are dual action packs that are made with an enzyme-rich formula, plus an oxygen bleach to fight tough stains, even up to 48 hours later! #seventhgeneration #dishwasherpacks #freesample


Ultra Power Plus™ Dishwasher Detergent Packs give you the ultimate amount of grease-fighting power for a total clean. The dual-action formula contains enzymes to power away 48-hour stuck-on food, and oxygen bleach to fight tough stains.


Our dual action formula cleans without chlorine bleach, phosphates, or synthetic fragrances.

Convenient single-use packs in resealable pouch

No Mess, No Measuring

0% Synthetic Fragrances & Chlorine Bleach

All of Seventh Generation’s Auto Dish detergents work in hot and cold water and are effective at standard and energy-saving settings.

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