Milky Dress Trill Beige Coffee Cushion


This Milky Dress coffee cushion, in Milk Tea Latte, came in a nice black compact type holder from Trill Beige.  It comes in two different shades, with each shade providing something different in coverage.  The Milk Tea Latte shade is formulated for darker skin tones and hyper pigmentation.  The Green Tea Latte shade is formulated more for redness.  This is a triple function cushion with 3 patent ingredients (used to protect, elasticity, and moisturize): an amino acid complex, olrioh HA and skinergeium.  It also contains coffee extract which is helps to improve the appearances of wrinkles, firmness and redness of the skin.  To protect against UV rays and help prevent wrinkles, this cushion is SPF50.  Upon opening the compact, there is a nice mirror on the opposite site of the cushion for applying!  It comes with a sponge type makeup applicator that sits on top of the milk tea cushion on its own holder that opens to the left, exposing the milk tea latte cushion.  The milk tea latte cushion itself looks marbled and doesn’t dispense and lot of makeup at a time, making is easy to apply without applying too much.  It went on smooth and felt cool at first on my skin.  It didn’t feel heavy over time and left my skin looking smoother and softer.  I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  #milkydress #coffeecushion #cushion #kbeauty #trillbeige #08L #freesamples

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