Black Sheer Polka Dot Tights


These polka dot tights, by FESTA, are a sexy looking pair of tights!  I ordered a small and found them to fit perfectly.  I am about 5’2” weighing about 105-110lbs.  These tights are made of microfiber, are lightweight and sheer all the way to the toe.  The tights have polka dots that run down the back of the leg giving them a sexy, classy touch!  The polka dots start small at the bottom and work their way bigger up the leg.  They fit comfortably and didn’t really snag on anything as I have noticed with other tights, leaving me with holes in my tights…not cool!  I haven’t had any issues washing these tights but I do not have an agitator for them to get wrapped around but I would definitely recommend washing them in some type of mesh bag to keep from wrapping around agitator if you have one.  I believe these could be worn with closed or open toed shoes.  I definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a sexier/classier pair of design tights.  I received these tights at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Get yours here:

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