Tanmit 100 Gel Pen Pack


I absolutely love this gel pen pack! My family loves to color in the adult color books and have been looking for a pack of gel pens.  These gel pens, from Tanmit, come in a plastic, foldable case in four sections.  Each section is equipped with snaps to close and hold the opens in place.  Two of the sections contain Velcro pieces to hold all four together if folded correctly together.  This 100 pack includes 15 pastel, 17 metallic, 28 glitter, 16 fluorescent, 14 neon, 6 symphony and 4 normal.  There are no two colors alike, 100 differently colored gel pens!  There are two pens in there are close in color but are different.  The pens are all capped with matching colors lids to the ink which makes locating what I need very easy.  The pens were easy to hold in my hand.  I haven’t had the chance to get through every pen, but the ones I have used so far work just perfectly!  I do believe the lighter/pastel colors will probably work best on colored paper, rather than white paper.  The pens have a fine tip making coloring probably a bit longer as the cover space of the pens is not very large.  The pens write smoothly and transfer ink to the paper all the same.  I did notice that the blue pen I used did stop coloring as dark but then started working just fin again, definitely not something that would turn me away from this large set of gel pens! I love the way the bright colors I have used so far look on paper and can’t wait to write with the rest of this set.  This are going to be perfect for upcoming school projects as well.  I received this 100 gel pen pack at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

You can get yours here:


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