Red Gaming Headset


My son loves to play video games with his friends but the earbuds hurt his ears after a long period of use so this headset was perfect for him!  I am going to be giving these to my son for Christmas so I had to try them out.  This red gaming headset, from Bengoo, arrived in a very nice box that will make for easy wrapping.  I opened the box to find instructions and the headset, wrapped in bubble wrap for protection, which I greatly appreciated!  The first thing I noticed was the extremely long cord.  It measured in at about 87” long and it made of a heavy duty woven material made for less kinking up.  There is also a Velcro strap to help prevent bundling when not in use.  There is a controller along the line, not far from the headset, that has rotary volume controller and a one key mute button.  At the end of the cord there are three plugs for audio, the microphone and a USB.  The USB is used for lighting up the headset…yes it lights up!  The earcups and microphone both light up!  I put on the headset and to my surprise, I couldn’t hear outside noise.  My son is going to love these is being able to tune everything but the game out.  The headset was comfortable to wear due to the earmuffs being made out of skin-friendly leather material and soft over-ear pads that will make it easy for my son to wear for an extended period of time.  I received this headset at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


Get yours here:



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