Brown Stripped Shoulder Tote


This is a pretty large tote by Vera.  I received the brown striped one but there are about 21 other designs/colors to choose from.  This is considered a shoulder bag and has two straps that are made of a thick braided material with knotted ends to they don’t slip out of the holes.  Even though it appears to be a rough and tough rope braid, it is actually very soft and flexible.  The tote itself measures about 21 x 14 inches, lying flat with nothing in it.  The inside of the tote is lined with a very thin, cream colored liner, feels like it might tear easily but I haven’t had any issues with it so far, and feels like it may be water resistant, but I haven’t tested out that yet!  There is a small inside pocket to use for those items needing to be easily accessed.  I was able to put all the contents of my purse in here and still have plenty of room so this is going to be my new beach bag.  We also have a tone of items to take to the beach and I usually care a few bags but now I won’t have to!  This tote is also large and sturdy enough to hold a laptop.  It could also be used as a book bag for school coming up or a diaper bag, there is plenty of room.  The zipper enclosure on top will keep everything inside.  This shoulder tote is a very versatile bag and a must have!  I received this tote for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Get yours here:

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