Polarized Sunglasses


These sunglasses, from Eye Love, came neatly packaged in a hard, zippered case.  Inside the case was a pair of polarized sunglasses, a soft pouch (drawstring) case, cleaning cloth and a screwdriver keychain for repairs to be made.  All these items came and fit nicely into the larger, harder case. I received the brown sunglasses and thought they looked great.  They felt great on my face.  I like the big sunglasses and these were perfect for me.  They are not as big as some of the glasses I have worn but still perfect for what I needed.  The lens width is size 54-18-150 mm.  These sunglasses did a great job of keeping the sun out even though they don’t appear to be that dark.  The lenses also help with reducing glares.  They are lightweight and didn’t hurt my nose or ears after extended use, like some sunglasses do!  I highly recommend these to anyone looking a great pair if sunglasses without the great cost.  I received these sunglasses at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Get yours here:


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