Family Tree Wall Decal


This family tree wall decal, from LaceDecaL, was something I have been looking for to add to my home décor.  I received 4 sheets that had all the pieces to create the art, piece by piece.  One of the sheets displayed it put together with corresponding numbers to show you where everything went, which was kind of small to look at.  We started with number one and went in order but shortly found ourselves going out of order because some of the parts were mislabeled.  Branch number fourteen wasn’t labeled at all and branch number eighteen was labeled number fourteen.  A lot of the leaves were mislabeled, as in they were back words when trying to put them on the branches.  We just eventually said the heck with it and made it our own and it turned out beautifully and pieces are pretty explanatory without the instructions so it can really be put up any way you see fit.  It did take some time as it was piece by piece but it was definitely worth it as it.  It took up a ton of wall space, as this piece is pretty massive, that we haven’t had décor on in let’s be honest….about 15 years!!!  I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  #Elite1sReviews

Get yours here:

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