Pinto Beans


These pinto beans, from Camellia, are absolutely amazing! I received a 1 pound bag, very quickly, and was very surprised that I only had to pick out about 4-5 “bad” beans before cooking. I usually find myself picking out more than a handful of “bad” beans from the store brands! I love about any kind of bean but find myself eating them when we go out to eat because my husband and son don’t eat them so I typically don’t buy them. I used a long cooking method with my pinto beans. I added some salt (started out with a little bit due to the ham hock, then added more as it cooked and needed it), pepper & a HUGE ham hock that disintegrated into the beans making them more flavorful. I cooked the pinto beans for about 5 hours with the ham hock in them the whole time, adding water as needed. The water looked murky and dirty but that was what was expecting and it thickened perfectly! I did NOT soak my beans at all and they turned out amazing. They were tender, very flavorful and didn’t last very long at all! These are the best bagged pinto beans I have ever had. I received these pinto beans at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Get yours here:

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