Paw Print Doggie Blanket

I ordered this paw print dog blanket, from Baby Mink, for my Princess after having her eye surgery.  She wasn’t allowed on our bed while she was wearing a cone and I wanted her to be comfortable.  I was a little jealous, when this blanket arrived, that I couldn’t get this in “adult size”!  I received a 39″ x 31″ dog blanket supposedly for small-medium dogs but if your dog is like mine, then this blanket will still be good enough for her 66 pound self.  She curls up in a ball when she sleeps and if perfectly on this blanket.  She also likes to be covered up and use part of it as a pillow as you can see in the pics…this was after her surgery as she is on the bed and still loving it!!  The front side of the blanket has a silky design while the back side is made with long-lasting thick Sherpa material.  The blanket pattern is divided into 4 sections with each section being a little different.  The top two sections are brown & cream and the bottom two sections are green & tan.  The sections are changed, if there is a brown background in one square with a cream paw print then the square next to it will have the color of that paw print as the background and the paw print color will be the background color of the previous square.  Any cat or dog would love this blanket!  I received this dog blanket at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Get yours here:


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