Family Tree Wall Decal


This family tree wall decal, from LaceDecaL, was something I have been looking for to add to my home décor.  I received 4 sheets that had all the pieces to create the art, piece by piece.  One of the sheets displayed it put together with corresponding numbers to show you where everything went, which was kind of small to look at.  We started with number one and went in order but shortly found ourselves going out of order because some of the parts were mislabeled.  Branch number fourteen wasn’t labeled at all and branch number eighteen was labeled number fourteen.  A lot of the leaves were mislabeled, as in they were back words when trying to put them on the branches.  We just eventually said the heck with it and made it our own and it turned out beautifully and pieces are pretty explanatory without the instructions so it can really be put up any way you see fit.  It did take some time as it was piece by piece but it was definitely worth it as it.  It took up a ton of wall space, as this piece is pretty massive, that we haven’t had décor on in let’s be honest….about 15 years!!!  I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  #Elite1sReviews

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Stunt Master RC Car w/Remote Control

My son loves playing with remote control cars, especially those that light up and do different tricks, but let’s be honest…my husband and I like playing with them too, even as adults!  This HAK104 Stunt Master, from Haktoys, came in a very nice box that could definitely be used as a gift.  Inside this box was the stunt master RC car, 7.2V rechargeable battery, remote control with antenna, 9V battery and a wall charger.  The instructions were located on the bottom of the box.  The RC car itself measures about 7.5 x 6.5 x 3 inches.  It will run for about 10 minutes after a 2-3 hour charge.  It has a range up to about 30 feet and can get up to about 12 mph.  This RC car also does 360 spins/tumbling, goes in forward, goes in reverse, does left turn/eddy, does right turn/eddy.  Not many toys these days come with batteries so having BOTH of the required batteries included was great!  This RC car does all kinds of things while lighting up at the same time…hit a wall, it will just flip over and keep going!  The run time is not great, considering how long it takes to charge and recommended to purchase another battery so you can still play while the dead battery is charging.  I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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Football Party Picks


These party picks are the perfect accessory to your football party platters!  I received a package of 24 party food picks.  There are three different designs…football helmet, pennant & football finger with each design having two of each of the following colors…green, blue, red and yellow.  The toppers are attached to toothpicks and mighty well may I add.  The toppers themselves are pretty thick and sturdy.  The fingers each say “WE R #1” down the finger and across the bottom of the hand.  The blue pennants say “KICK OFF”.  The green pennants say “Football”.  The red pennants say “DEFENSE”.  The yellow pennants say “FUMBLE”.  These would also be great for a boy’s birthday party or a football themed party of any kind!  I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  #Elite1sReviews

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#ZzzQuil Voxbox


I received this #freesample of #ZzzQuil in my @Influenster #Voxbox.  ZzzQuil is made for helping you sleep.  It is recommended that you allow yourself 7-8 hours to sleep if taking ZzzQuil.  This will not help with a cold or the flu and is non-habit forming.  It does work if you allow yourself the 7-8 hours…I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go, which is NOT like me in the mornings.

CZ Drop Earrings


I am always wearing earrings and always looking for something new.  These CZ drop earrings from Forcolor are a great addition to my jewelry.  They arrived in a nice sturdy box that could definitely be used as a gift.  The earrings themselves are .79” in length, .39” in width and only 4.54 grams in weight.  They look heavy but don’t feel heavy at all when wearing them.  They are white gold plated and have one large CZ stone and four smaller stones that go up towards the ear lobe.  I absolutely love that the clasp is one that snaps on for security.  It would take some force, if you will, to remove these earrings.  These earrings sparkle with movement and would go with anything you are wearing.  I received these earrings for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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CZ Earring & Necklace Set


I am one who always wears a necklace and earrings, unless I forget!  This 1.25 CT AAA Grade CZ earring and necklace set from Family Jewels is beautiful.  It came in a nice blue velvet box that looked very professional.  There was also a smaller, burgundy velvet back that could be used for traveling with the set.  The earrings are a fish hook style that I didn’t have a problem staying in my ears but I used rubber backs as a back-up as they are very light weight.  There is a round crystal cubic zirconia stone that dangles freely from each hook.  These earrings do sparkle with movement.  The necklace is a 17” platinum-plated chain holding a round CZ pendant.  The pendant is set in a four prong setting surrounded by smaller CZ pieces creating the ultimate sparkle!  There are also CZ pieces on the “neck” of the pendant where it hangs on the chain at.  I didn’t have any issues with the necklace getting tangled in my hair which a lot of necklaces do.  This is not real but a really beautiful set for a decent price and it actually looks like it should cost more than what it actually does!  This would make a beautiful gift.  I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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Watermelon Slicer


Cutting watermelon is something that is not enjoyable for me to do but my son loves to eat it!  A watermelon slicer…who would’ve thought?!  This watermelon slicer, from Kitchen Plus Home, is actually a 3-in-1 tool.  It will slice your watermelon, remove it, and allow you to serve it up.  It is made of from 18/10 stainless steel and has a handle that is ergonomically designed and very easy to hold.  Once I figured out how to use it…not gonna lie, it took me a minute, I found it very easy to get watermelon out of the rind and have all the juice left behind inside the rind instead of all over my counter.  I purchased a smaller seedless watermelon which allowed me to be able to only have to cut it in half and then slice away at each half.  If purchasing a larger watermelon, you may want to cut the watermelon into quarters instead of halves or you might leave behind some watermelon.  I haven’t tried this on other melons, but don’t see why it wouldn’t work on any melon.  I received this product a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. #Elite1sReviews

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Paw Print Doggie Blanket

I ordered this paw print dog blanket, from Baby Mink, for my Princess after having her eye surgery.  She wasn’t allowed on our bed while she was wearing a cone and I wanted her to be comfortable.  I was a little jealous, when this blanket arrived, that I couldn’t get this in “adult size”!  I received a 39″ x 31″ dog blanket supposedly for small-medium dogs but if your dog is like mine, then this blanket will still be good enough for her 66 pound self.  She curls up in a ball when she sleeps and if perfectly on this blanket.  She also likes to be covered up and use part of it as a pillow as you can see in the pics…this was after her surgery as she is on the bed and still loving it!!  The front side of the blanket has a silky design while the back side is made with long-lasting thick Sherpa material.  The blanket pattern is divided into 4 sections with each section being a little different.  The top two sections are brown & cream and the bottom two sections are green & tan.  The sections are changed, if there is a brown background in one square with a cream paw print then the square next to it will have the color of that paw print as the background and the paw print color will be the background color of the previous square.  Any cat or dog would love this blanket!  I received this dog blanket at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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Pinto Beans


These pinto beans, from Camellia, are absolutely amazing! I received a 1 pound bag, very quickly, and was very surprised that I only had to pick out about 4-5 “bad” beans before cooking. I usually find myself picking out more than a handful of “bad” beans from the store brands! I love about any kind of bean but find myself eating them when we go out to eat because my husband and son don’t eat them so I typically don’t buy them. I used a long cooking method with my pinto beans. I added some salt (started out with a little bit due to the ham hock, then added more as it cooked and needed it), pepper & a HUGE ham hock that disintegrated into the beans making them more flavorful. I cooked the pinto beans for about 5 hours with the ham hock in them the whole time, adding water as needed. The water looked murky and dirty but that was what was expecting and it thickened perfectly! I did NOT soak my beans at all and they turned out amazing. They were tender, very flavorful and didn’t last very long at all! These are the best bagged pinto beans I have ever had. I received these pinto beans at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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