Flora Mcqueen Insulated/Waterproof Lunch Tote


This insulated lunch tote, by Flora Mcqueen, is cute! I really like the sophisticated look of the floral design…great for a girl or a woman! The size of this lunch tote is quite large and it came in a zipped plastic bag type thing to keep it clean while not in use. I am able to fit something to drink, something to eat and even a snack with some room to spare. There is a small zipper pocket inside that could hold your napkin and eating utensils. The insulated aluminum inside this lunch tote could keep things warm just as much as it could keep them cool. The handles for the tote seem very durable as does the tote itself. The zipper works with ease and I haven’t had any issues with this bag and the durability of this product. This lunch tote is also waterproof allowing for easy cleanup when spills are made inside. I would recommend this lunch tote possibly be offered in different patterns…would love to have one for my son! I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Get yours here:


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