I received the #bloomvoxbox from @Influenster containing (5) samples items and I just wanted to share a little bit about my experience with these #freesamples:


I work in construction and sometimes that finds me on the job site in the dead of summer. Having a deodorant that actually works is vital! I came across this Secret Outlast Xtend Invisible Solid and was extremely impressed. I didn’t notice it leaving marks on my clothes because sometimes I do forget to put my deodorant on after putting my clothes on. The “completely clean” scent is just that and very mild and subtle. I received this 0.5oz sample for free and all opinions are my own.

These chewy oats & honey granola bars by Sunbelt Bakery are great.  They are very chewy and taste amazing.  The packaging is also eye catching.  I would rather have a chewy granola bar as they don’t tend to make as much of a mess as a crunchy one does, plus they are easier to chew!  There are no preservatives. They provide a wholesome energy source with 8g of whole grain per serving.  I received this #freesample and all opinions are my own.

I was excited to see this #freesample in my #bloomvoxbox.  There were 3 individually wrapped pads inside the box.  Each pad says it is good for all 10 fingers but if you are doing your toes too and the nail polish you are trying to remove hasn’t been on forever, then it should work for your toes as well.  These nail polish remover pads have perilla seed oil, flaxseed and apricot kemel botanical oils to strengthen and nourish your nails while removing nail polish, which is great because my nails usually feel dry when I am done using nail polish remover.  These pads actually left my nails feeling soft.  Opinions are all my own.

This Not Your Mother’s Plump For Joy works really well on thin hair.  I tried it on my thick hair and it really isn’t made for that although it did help some with the frizziness I have because of my thick hair.  I let my mom use this and it worked great for her.  She said she had extra volume without the extra weight and it didn’t leave her hair looking or feeling greasy.  Her and I both loved the way it smelled.  I received this #freesample in my #bloomvoxbox and opinions are all my & my mom’s own.

This Teal Midnight nail polish, from the Kylie Jenner’s Denim & Bling Collection, is a pretty light blue/green color as you can see in the picture.  That is (1) coat and I would definitely need (2) coats to get the desired color I would be looking for.  It is definitely not as dark as it appears in the bottle.  I really like the sparkles in it.  I can’t wait to check out what other colors are on this Denim & Bling line.  I received this #freesample in my #bloomvoxbox and opinions are all my own.


This NUXE Huile Prodigieuse® Multi-Purpose Dry Oil is great for nourishing, repairing and softening the body, hair and face.  In this oil, there are 6 different Botanical oils and Vitamin E, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and your hair looking silky smooth!  I received this #freesample in my #bloomvoxbox and opinions are all my own.

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