Free Money

You can make $30 the first month, $45 the second, $100 each month after plus $50 for each person you refer. So please DO NOT go for the $15 because once you do you can’t do it with any other companies that want to use your account to post ads. If you want to make money this way, message me. I will give you the info.   It is free money, but when you make over $600, they will send you a 1099, that is how I know it is a FOR REAL Company!  I have received 3 separate checks from them already and can’t wait to receive my next one! See below for some FAQ’s:

🔹1. Is this legal?
Yes. Facebook provides access to users to purchase advertisements. This is Facebook’s only source of income from its users. Their marketing experts are simply acting on your behalf and setting up banner ads for you. Every advertisement they set up for you goes through a vigorous quality check by face book before it goes live.
🔹2. Is this Spamming?
No. They never send out messages or requests from your account. Nor do they read messages or notifications.
🔹3.Will my friends get messages or see what I’m doing with ads?
Your friends will not be able to tell you are running ads. There is no link from banners or ads that they set up. Facebook separates your personal facebook and advertising with your privacy in mind.
🔹4. Why do they need your account?
They have plenty of their own accounts, they need you because facebook limit’s the amount they can spend per account. By working with people like you, they are able to scale their business.
🔹5.What is a Raspberry Pi?
A tiny computer the size of a deck of cards that allows them to send route their web requests and commands for publishing ads on your account through your home internet connection. Your password is encrypted and protected in their database and only used by their scripts to send commands to your advertising account.
🔹6. What kind of Ads do they typically run?
Ads for Fitness supplements, weight loss plans, health and beauty products.
Just a little FYI
*🔸If you decide to sign up you have to call after you sign up to confirm. Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-8pm
*🔸If you have a credit card attached to your fb account they will ask that you remove it so they do not have access to it!


USA only excluding: Alaska, California, and Hawaii.

🔹1. How much do I get paid and when?
How much:You will start out getting a
$1.00 a day for 30-70 days while they are running tests and doing what they do. Then you will start getting $3.33 a day=$100 a month. Now if you decide you want to make more, you will start out getting 10 invites a month, for every person that signs up and follows through you will earn $100.
When: They print checks on the 5th and mail them on the 5th or the next business day. So the day you receive them will depend on how long the mail takes but usually within 2-3days.
🔹2. How do I see my daily payments?
24 hours after you plug in your box, you can sign in at using your fb email and password. (see the daily payments post if you are having issues)
🔹3. When can I start inviting?
24-48 hours after you plug in, text them and ask them for your invites.
🔹4. When someone signs up with me how long before it says DUE?
After you see that they have installed it usually takes 2-7 days before you will see either: Problem or Due (Right now the company is training new techs so it may be taking a little longer to update right now)
🔹5. What does Problem mean?
Problem could mean a few things and this is just some possibilities:
1). They have a credit card attached that they will be asked to remove. 2) Their box lost connection and they need to reset 3) Their internet connection is too slow 4) They have unplugged and if this is the case, they are probably no longer interested.

Let me know if you are interested by either sending me a PM on Facebook or you can email me here: with the subject line: FREE MONEY THRU FACEBOOK

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