Vibrant Colored Pencils

We can never have enough colored pencils around our house as we love to color. These colored pencils by LolliZ are very vibrant colors. I received a 50 pack of colored pencils in a nice box that was labeled appropriately and even had a little scribble of each color on the back so you can see what it looks like on paper! The box itself is a little flimsy so I recommend putting them into a cup or holder of some sort, which also makes them easier to see and get to. The colored pencils came pre-sharpened and in no particular order inside the box. The pencils are about 8” in length and feel comfortable in my hand. The lead on these colored pencils are pretty soft but still provide that vibrant color I am looking for all the while coloring very smoothly. All the different colors (which have multiple shades for each) makes for easy shading with the same color, which is something I like to do especially when coloring plants, trees and things of that nature! You get a lighter color with easy pressure and definitely can get a darker look with more pressure. These colored pencils are of great quality and are highly recommended. I received these colored pencils at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  #discounted

You can get yours here:

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