Magnetic Push Pins

Let me start by saying that these magnetic push pins are super cute! I received a set of 48 magnetic push pins: 12 green, 12 pink, 12 blue and 12 yellow that were so strong, they were all stuck together, making it easier to NOT lose them and easier to store them. When I received them, I took them out of the bag and stuck them on my fridge. My mom was there when I opened them and thought they were extremely cute too so I let her have some of each color! They are a little larger than the regular push pins but were very strong when stuck on my fridge and can hold up right much! They are made of acrylic and are very durable, they don’t seem cheap! They look professional to be able to use at work and not have to have holes in your pictures or posters. They also don’t overtake a picture, or whatever you are posting, because they are too large, they are just the right size! I absolutely love these and they are highly recommended to those that love to “tack” things up and not have holes in your items. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  #GotItFree

You can get yours here:

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