Nano-Ionic Facial Steamer

I have never tried a facial steamer before so I was really excited to try this nano-ionic steamer from KINGA. I received it in a very nice box, that could be used as a gift, along with a power cord and instruction manual. The instruction manual was easy to understand. Fill the basin with purified water and put back into steamer. Plug in and wait about 40 seconds to a minute and it is ready to use. I must say, my face felt amazing just after the first steam. I used it at night after showering but it can definitely be used in the morning as well. I would recommend using moisturizer afterwards as well. This nano-ionic facial steamer opens and unclogs pours, removes dirt, oil & makeup and melts away dead skin, leaving very soft and vibrant looking skin! It is recommended, by the manufacturer, that you use distilled water and DO NOT add anything to the water like oils. The oils can shorten the life of the steamer. It is recommended to be used 2-3 times a week, no longer than 10 minutes at a time, which is about how long the steam last anyway before you are out of water. It is easy to move around thanks to the handle on top, which I love. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  #GotItFree

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Bandeau Bikini Set


This black bathing suit, from RELLECIGA, is absolutely gorgeous! It is a bandeau style type bathing suit. I ordered size small and it fits great. The bathing suit is 80% polyamide and 20% spandex. The top has mild push-up molded padding and built-in underwire, which is great in getting my “girls” to look better in a bathing suit. The top ties around the neck that is lined with beautiful multicolored beads. The bottom isn’t a thong but doesn’t completely cover the butt but that is the way it is made. It has elastic ties on each side for adjusting the tightness and the ends are capped with nice white beads. The straps are not removable from the top, leaving a different type of tan line because of the beads. That can be avoided by just bunching up the straps and tucking them. I am a small girl, about 5’2”, 105lbs, B cup and usually wear a US size small bathing suit. I believe slightly bigger in the hips and slightly bigger in the chest, you may want to get a size up but this fit ME perfectly! This is a great bathing suit for the upcoming Summer season! I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  #GotItFree

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Free Money

You can make $30 the first month, $45 the second, $100 each month after plus $50 for each person you refer. So please DO NOT go for the $15 because once you do you can’t do it with any other companies that want to use your account to post ads. If you want to make money this way, message me. I will give you the info.   It is free money, but when you make over $600, they will send you a 1099, that is how I know it is a FOR REAL Company!  I have received 3 separate checks from them already and can’t wait to receive my next one! See below for some FAQ’s:

🔹1. Is this legal?
Yes. Facebook provides access to users to purchase advertisements. This is Facebook’s only source of income from its users. Their marketing experts are simply acting on your behalf and setting up banner ads for you. Every advertisement they set up for you goes through a vigorous quality check by face book before it goes live.
🔹2. Is this Spamming?
No. They never send out messages or requests from your account. Nor do they read messages or notifications.
🔹3.Will my friends get messages or see what I’m doing with ads?
Your friends will not be able to tell you are running ads. There is no link from banners or ads that they set up. Facebook separates your personal facebook and advertising with your privacy in mind.
🔹4. Why do they need your account?
They have plenty of their own accounts, they need you because facebook limit’s the amount they can spend per account. By working with people like you, they are able to scale their business.
🔹5.What is a Raspberry Pi?
A tiny computer the size of a deck of cards that allows them to send route their web requests and commands for publishing ads on your account through your home internet connection. Your password is encrypted and protected in their database and only used by their scripts to send commands to your advertising account.
🔹6. What kind of Ads do they typically run?
Ads for Fitness supplements, weight loss plans, health and beauty products.
Just a little FYI
*🔸If you decide to sign up you have to call after you sign up to confirm. Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-8pm
*🔸If you have a credit card attached to your fb account they will ask that you remove it so they do not have access to it!


USA only excluding: Alaska, California, and Hawaii.

🔹1. How much do I get paid and when?
How much:You will start out getting a
$1.00 a day for 30-70 days while they are running tests and doing what they do. Then you will start getting $3.33 a day=$100 a month. Now if you decide you want to make more, you will start out getting 10 invites a month, for every person that signs up and follows through you will earn $100.
When: They print checks on the 5th and mail them on the 5th or the next business day. So the day you receive them will depend on how long the mail takes but usually within 2-3days.
🔹2. How do I see my daily payments?
24 hours after you plug in your box, you can sign in at using your fb email and password. (see the daily payments post if you are having issues)
🔹3. When can I start inviting?
24-48 hours after you plug in, text them and ask them for your invites.
🔹4. When someone signs up with me how long before it says DUE?
After you see that they have installed it usually takes 2-7 days before you will see either: Problem or Due (Right now the company is training new techs so it may be taking a little longer to update right now)
🔹5. What does Problem mean?
Problem could mean a few things and this is just some possibilities:
1). They have a credit card attached that they will be asked to remove. 2) Their box lost connection and they need to reset 3) Their internet connection is too slow 4) They have unplugged and if this is the case, they are probably no longer interested.

Let me know if you are interested by either sending me a PM on Facebook or you can email me here: with the subject line: FREE MONEY THRU FACEBOOK

Mother’s Day Locket

This is the perfect gift for that special mother in your life from Touch of Dazzle. I got this for my mom for mother’s day from her grandson! I ordered the silver tone one that has diamond like stones around the outside. The inside said “The best thing about having you as my Mom is my kids having you as a Grandma” and also includes 4 crystals with 2 charms that include choices of LOVE, GRANDMA, NANA and even ABUELA! The one that I chose for my mom was the gold heart charm that said GRANDMA and the gold LOVE! All these crystals and charms can be changed with the glass encased locket that is 30 mm wide and interchangeable…put whatever crystals/stones you want in it! There are other different sayings as well and it also comes in gold tone. It comes on a 22” ball chain. My mother absolutely loved this chain and thought it was neat that she could change out and put whatever items in the locket she wanted. I am going to be ordering myself one as I was a little jealous when it arrived and I had ordered for a “Grandma”! This is locket from Touch of Dazzle is highly recommended and very beautiful! I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  #discounted

You can get yours here:

Vibrant Colored Pencils

We can never have enough colored pencils around our house as we love to color. These colored pencils by LolliZ are very vibrant colors. I received a 50 pack of colored pencils in a nice box that was labeled appropriately and even had a little scribble of each color on the back so you can see what it looks like on paper! The box itself is a little flimsy so I recommend putting them into a cup or holder of some sort, which also makes them easier to see and get to. The colored pencils came pre-sharpened and in no particular order inside the box. The pencils are about 8” in length and feel comfortable in my hand. The lead on these colored pencils are pretty soft but still provide that vibrant color I am looking for all the while coloring very smoothly. All the different colors (which have multiple shades for each) makes for easy shading with the same color, which is something I like to do especially when coloring plants, trees and things of that nature! You get a lighter color with easy pressure and definitely can get a darker look with more pressure. These colored pencils are of great quality and are highly recommended. I received these colored pencils at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  #discounted

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Magnetic Push Pins

Let me start by saying that these magnetic push pins are super cute! I received a set of 48 magnetic push pins: 12 green, 12 pink, 12 blue and 12 yellow that were so strong, they were all stuck together, making it easier to NOT lose them and easier to store them. When I received them, I took them out of the bag and stuck them on my fridge. My mom was there when I opened them and thought they were extremely cute too so I let her have some of each color! They are a little larger than the regular push pins but were very strong when stuck on my fridge and can hold up right much! They are made of acrylic and are very durable, they don’t seem cheap! They look professional to be able to use at work and not have to have holes in your pictures or posters. They also don’t overtake a picture, or whatever you are posting, because they are too large, they are just the right size! I absolutely love these and they are highly recommended to those that love to “tack” things up and not have holes in your items. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  #GotItFree

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Adult Swear Word Coloring Book

My entire family loves to color and just recently got into the full page coloring books that are more geared towards adults, with more detailed designs and repeat patterns.  When I got the opportunity to get this adult swear word coloring book, I just couldn’t resist!  This coloring book takes adult coloring books to a whole new level!  Some of the swear words used are some of the more vulgar ones and definitely wouldn’t recommend this for a child.  There are 26 images to color, if you include the title page, which also has an image.  These are not full page pictures and some of the pictures have very small areas to be colored.  I also noticed one of the words was repeated because they it was back to back.  The book opened very easily as I have started coloring page 2, the one with the owl.  I am currently using colored pencils as I am unsure as to whether or not markers will seep thru…the pages seem thick, just haven’t tried markers yet.  The images in which the swear words are placed are all different.  I would maybe recommend fuller page images with less small details but overall this is a cute adult coloring book.  I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  #GotItFree


You can get your copy here: