A little extra cash on the side…

I have recently hooked up with this company who use my Facebook, since I don’t, to run ads and pay me to do so!  It is very legit as I have just cashed my 2nd check personally (totaling $45 already) and when your account with them reaches $600, you will receive a 1099.  They will send you the equipment to be used at home, hooked up to your router, and a labeled bag to ship back when your account closes.  The only thing to this is that you will not be able to make purchases through Facebook anymore after this, which is something I wasn’t told by the individual who signed me up, but was told once I was in contact with the company.  I have made purchases through Facebook for games and what-not but thought it would be a perfect way to stop that, so I didn’t mind!  I am also a reviewer and this extra cash each month is going to help increase my reviewing budget!  If this sounds like something for you, then send me an email at mhgh01@yahoo.com for further information or you can just send me your cell phone number and I will send it directly to the company.  #extracashforreviewingforme #extramoneyeachmonth

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