Blue Boot Socks

2016-02-23 16.35.05

I ordered these socks to wear with my boots. I find sometimes that my boots don’t feel good rubbing against my leg and needed something to cushion that. I came across these knee high boot socks from Lucky Love and absolutely loved the color options. I ordered the navy pair and absolutely love them! These socks are one size fits most and are 95% cotton and 5% spandex. My legs and are now also being kept warm in the winter time as I don’t usually wear knee high socks, but will from now on in the winter time. The stitching on these socks is great and even the heel is stitched out for proper wear. I found these to feel and be durable and long lasting! They are very comfortable to wear and I find myself wearing them, without my boots, just around the house to keep my legs extra warm. I am looking forward to purchasing the other colors as well and recommend these socks to anywhere who wears boots or is just looking to get extra warmth on the legs and feet in the winter time.  #StarReviews #discounted

Get yours here:

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