Knee & Thigh High Socks

Received (1) pair of knee high socks & (4) pairs of thigh high socks from Chrissy’s Knee High Socks.  The pink, blue & black pair on the far left are the knee high socks with the remaining four being the thigh high socks.  I love the colors I received and there are many more to choose from.



These are great to wear with boots to add a little something extra.  They can be worn with tennis shoes to a sporting event for a quirky look.  I used them so far, for just keeping my legs and feet warm around the house as I often stay cold in my house.


Withe the variety of patterns/colors and the variety of ways they can be worn, the possibilities are endless!  Did I mention that they are super cute and reasonably priced?!?!?


You can order your socks here:



Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Hat

This baseball cap has a really slick design!  I love it!  It seems/feels to be made of great quality.  The stitching is great and seems like it will hold up.  The name stitched on the cap looks great.  It seems to be centered and it is thick stitching so hopefully it will hold up.


Just like any other baseball cap, there are (7) different adjustment snaps.  The variety in adjusting this cap makes it wearable by everybody!


I really like the design and look of this baseball cap so I didn’t want to crease the bill of the cap.  My husband and I both tried it on and it looked fine on both genders.

20180702_201707   20180702_201752

I think this will ultimately end up as my son’s baseball cap but good to know that any of us can wear it.


You can get yours here:

Classic Logo Bone Thugs n Harmony Hat

LED Bluetooth Headphones

UPDATE 6/4/18:

I have received the new pair and will update with new pictures and my thoughts soon!


I ordered these LED bluetooth headphones and was really excited to see them light up.  I was sadly disappointed when they cam broken.  You can see in the pictures, in the package they came in, that something don’t look right with the right side headphone piece.  I pulled them out of the box only to have broken pieces and the right side headphone piece just hanging.  I am currently working to get a replacement and will update my blog when that happens because I am really excited to see how these work and look all lit up!

3D Moon Lamp


This is a beautiful piece to just have as a decoration or it can be used as a night light.  As you can see in the pictures you get a 3-D moon lamp, charging cable, instructions, remote control and wooden pieces.  It didn’t take very long for the moon lamp to charge, which it had to be charged out of the box.  The instructions were easy to follow and allowed me to understand how the remote worked as well.  The wooden pieces were easily put together to form the base for the 3-D moon lamp to sit in.  The remote control allows you to rotate throughout the 16 LED colors.  As you can see in the pictures, the moon lamp has many details which makes it look more realistically like a moon!  It was lightweight and not too heavy!  This is perfect for the solar system enthusiast of just for a cute little night light decoration.


You can get yours here:

LED Photo Clip String Lights

This is a beautiful decoration that I am going to add to my walls. It is a set of 40 LED string lights. Each light is in a photo clip so each photo is perfectly highlighted. It came with a remote control as well. This can be taped or pinned to the wall, or hung as a banner, etc. It runs on (3) AA batteries, that were not included, so you don’t have to worry about it reaching an outlet. There are 8 different modes on the remote control including a multi-stage dimmer. This would also be great for displaying art work and not just photos. There are multiple uses for this set of string lights. The photo clips themselves seem very sturdy and hold the photos perfectly. I haven’t really tried anything heavier than a photo so not sure how much weight they can all hold together. The included instructions definitely made it easy to understand the remote control right away and not have to figure it out!


Get yours here:

Spice Jar Set

This is a great set of 14 spice jars, with airtight lids!  They are of great quality.  They came packaged neatly in a box where each jar had their own section to keep from breaking in transport.  There was a separate bag that had “shaker” caps to snap on and a rubber collapsible funnel for pouring in your spices.


Each French square jar is fitted with a rust-resistant metal lid that screws on pretty tightly.  The “shaker” caps fit perfectly as well and allowed the lid to still screw on.  The “shaker” caps just snap onto the top of the glass jar.  The shaker caps have just the right size holes for even distribution when seasoning.  Each glass jar is approximately 4oz and are about 4 1/8″ x 1 3/4″ in size.  The glass jars are French square, instead of round, to prevent, so they can be stored standing up or laying down.  The collapsible, rubber funnel is the perfect size for these jars and is easy to store.

Also inside the box area already labeled chalkboard spice labels (126 in total, 96 pre-printed with the most common spice names, 18 blank and 6 with numbers).  There are also translucent labels (113 in total, 96 pre-printed to match the chalkboard labels and 17 blank).  The chalkboard labels are meant to be put on the lid as they are round and easy to see.  There is also a blank sheet of chalkboard labels for your own labeling.  The translucent labels are for applying to the glass jars themselves.  There are also some blank translucent labels for your own labeling.

These are going to look great once I get all my spices moved out their store-bought containers.  Now to buy a cute little spice rack for them all to go in!  Don’t get me wrong, they will look just as good just sitting in your cabinet/on your shelf.

The best part is these spice jars are backed by a lifetime warranty!

You can order your set here:

QUNSE Binoculars

Nice set of binoculars that come in a very nice carrying case, that also included a cleaning cloth, instruction booklet and a strap for carrying around your neck (see below pics).

The instruction booklet tells you, in detail, about the parts of the binoculars, how to use them in (6) easy steps and how to maintain/repair them (see below pic).


The carrying case velcro to keep it closed and I find it rather “sticky”.  I don’t feel like it will just “pop” loose and not stick anymore.


Now on to the actual binoculars….they are spiffy looking, very nice.  They have some weight to them but not enough that they can’t be held.  They have 10×42 high-magnification focus with clear view adjustable lenses.  The lenses come protected with covers, to keep them from getting scratched.  They can be adjusted to fit different sized faces by pulling them either closer together or farther apart.  When looking through the lenses, I was shocked at how clear and crisp the picture I was seeing was.  These can allow you to see up to about 303 feet wide, allowing you to see distant scenery, games, etc.  It is very easy to zoom in and out and find what I am looking for.

These are going to be perfect for sports games and would also be perfect for that bird watcher, hunter, wildlife explorer in your life!


You can order yours here: